What is the difference between Project Solutions programming and other similar programs at other agencies?  

We believe there is no comparison!!! We believe our services are unmatched!                                                                                               

We cannot speak for other agencies (that wouldn’t be fair), but we can tell you about our programs and philosophy of treatment. 


For starters, our agency IS


· Focused on wellness

· Dedicated to working with individuals that are court     


· Comprised of caring, qualified professionals

· Specialized in jail alternative programs 

· Not so large that we lose track of what’s important (the

  client), but big enough to provide well-rounded



At Project Solutions, we treat our clients with respect.  You will not be treated like a criminal, or shamed; nor will you be treated like an “alcoholic/addict”. You will be treated like a real human, with a real life, with real problems, and a real need to be introduced to a professional that can empathize and understand your situation.


Will my Medical Card pay for my counseling services at Project Solutions?

Yes, we do accept medical cards/Medicaid for counseling services; i.e. Assessments, Traditional Out-patient (TOP), and Intensive Out-patient (IOP) services.  


Will my private insurance pay for my counseling services at Project Solutions? 

Private insurance generally does not cover any service that is court ordered.


Will my private insurance/medical card pay for my Jail Alternative Program at Project Solutions?

Insurance does not cover fees for court ordered Jail Alternative Programming. However, you may qualify for financial assistance to assist you in paying for court ordered programming.


How do I change/reschedule/cancel my appointment/program date?

Call our office 330-705-6989.



Is this 3 Day Jail Alternative Program really worth the money?

Well let’s see…………………………


No Jail Cells; No bars 

No balls; No chains

Nice Hotel

Easy registration by phone

Good food; even pizza!

Lots of good information!

Comfy beds

No beans served at any meal

Hot showers

Never boring—and we mean NEVER!


Nice staff

Convenient locations

We report compliance directly to the court; no running around for you

Air conditioning in summer

Heat in winter

Did we mention no jail cells and pizza?


So to answer the question………………….YES, it’s worth the money!!


Where are the 3-day programs held?

All of our 3 Day Jail Alternative Programs are held at hotels (not inside institutions, treatment centers, or jail facilities). We offer programs at:


The Comfort Inn                    Hampton Inn 

5345 Broadmoor Cir              44 First Street

Canton, Ohio 44709              Massillon, Ohio 44647


How do I register for a Jail Alternative Program?

You simply call 330-705-6989. 


No tedious paperwork for you to fill-out; no running around. 


You pay nothing to register; a simple phone registration secures your date.


When should I register?

We recommend registering as early as possible to insure you are able to get the date you want/need, as our class fill-up quickly. 


Do I have to pay to register?

No. Registering for a program simply holds your place in a specific class. You certainly CAN pay at the time of registration if you would like, but payment-in-full is due at least one week prior to your scheduled program. 


How long do Jail Alternative Programs last?  Do programs run every day of the week?

Most Jail Alternative Programs are 3 days (72 hours) in duration, as required by law.  These programs generally operate twice monthly and they always run Thursday 6pm-Sunday 6pm.  


When is my payment due for my 3-day program?

You can pay any time after registration, but your fees must be paid one week prior to your scheduled program date.  

How do I pay for my 3-Day Program?

For your convenience we accept Cash, Money Order, Credit Card.  You can                  with a credit card or you can mail payment (must be a money order or certified check).  

Where do I mail my payment for 3 day programming?

Project Solutions Inc., 

PO BOX 35486

Canton, OH  44735  


Is there any financial assistance for the Jail Alternative Programs?

There is financial assistant for which you may qualify for the Drivers Program ONLY.  This assistance pays a portion of your program fee (about 50%); call our office for details 330-705-6989.


How do I get proof of my attendance to the Judge/Court/Probation Officer/etc.? 

Relax.  We take care of the paperwork! After program completion, we give you a copy of your completion certificate for your records and we deliver the necessary paperwork to the court/referral source. No

running around for you! 


What will I do all day while at a jail alternative program?

We keep you busy!  We find that keeping you active tends to make the weekend go much faster. Expect to be in programming from 8am-5pm with breaks for meals.  In the evening, we generally have guest

speakers and you will have a bit of free time each night.  


What time do I need to be there?

For Full Weekend (3 day) programs-You need to be at the hotel program site between 5:45-6:00pm on Thursday for check-in.


For the Daytime DV/Theft Program ONLY-You need to be at the program site between 7:45am- 8am.


No late check-ins are permitted. So…if you can’t be on time, be early!!


What time can I leave?

You will be released at 6:00pm Sunday.


What can I bring?

We use a common sense approach! Bring what you need for your 3-day stay; casual/comfortable clothing, hygiene products, cell phone, spending money for snacks, etc. The hotel will provide towels. 


Who will I be rooming with?

Unless you purchased a private room, you will be rooming with a person(s) of the same sex/gender.  


What If I get stuck rooming with an Ax Murderer?

We very rarely have rooming issues---most of our attendees are average people like you (and me).  If you find that you incur a rooming problem—you can report it to staff. You can also purchase a private room. 


Can I smoke?

Yes, in designated areas.


Can I bring a cell Phone?  

Yes. In fact, it makes it much easier for you to stay in touch with your loved ones if you have a cell phone.


Can I bring food?  

No. Unfortunately food items provide a route for contraband to be brought into our programs. Unless it is medically necessary for you--- (it still needs our CEO’s approval)—no food can be brought. You will be served 3 hearty meals daily and there will be snacks available for purchase.


Can I bring a laptop, x-box, etc.?  

It is not recommended.  As we said before, we keep you busy! So there is not really much time to be working on a computer, gaming, etc. If you wish to bring things to use during your limited down time; we are

not responsible for lost/stolen items. You may consider bringing small, low cost, items (books, magazines, playing cards).


Will you make me come back for more services, costing me more money?

People are often concerned about being referred for additional services after completion of their 3 Day Jail Alternative Program.  Do yourself a favor…and Relax.  Our referral rates are very low.  We will not “suck you in” for additional programming and services that you do not need.  Our professionals always have your best interest (health and wellness) at heart and they execute ethical referrals that are based on your individual circumstances.  In other words, if you are referred by one of our professionals, then a referral is exactly what you need for long-term wellness!

For more info click



What does the assessment consist of?

During the assessment, you will meet with one of our qualified counselors for an individual session. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate your life on multiple levels (family, employment, medical, mental health, substance use, etc.) and determine whether further professional services/treatment is appropriate.


How much does an assessment cost?

Rates for an assessment are determined using a sliding scale, which is based on household income. 


Will my medical card/Medicaid pay for an assessment?

Yes. Please remember to bring your medical card to the appointment.


When is my payment due?

You may pay online with a credit card at the time of registration, or you may bring payment-in-full (check or money order) to your appointment.  


Will my private insurance pay for my assessment?

Private insurance generally does not cover any service that is court ordered.


How long does the assessment take?

The assessment generally takes about 1-2 hour(s).  


Can I cancel/reschedule my assessment?

If you are court ordered to an assessment, you may reschedule your appointment only one time and you must give at least a 48 hour notice to cancel/reschedule, or a $25 fee will be assessed. If you cancel, reschedule, or miss more than one assessment appointment we will send a non-compliance document to the Judge.


Will I have to do anything else after my assessment is complete?

After completing the assessment, the counselor will discuss with you the assessment results and any/all clinical recommendations. You may, or may not, need further treatment.



What’s the difference between CEU’s, RCH’s, & CLE’s?

Continuing Education Units and Recognized Clock Hours are very similar and generally 3 CEU’s = 3 RCH’s

CLE’s are Continuing Legal Education.


Do I have to register for a User Account to purchase CEU's?

Yes-we know its a pain-but there is good reason for it.  


In order to purchase Digital Online CEU’s (workbook, podcast, etc.), you will register for an online account. This account will store all your courses/tests in one convenient location; making it easy to track/access your CEU's, work at your own pace and pick up where you left off. Your courses/tests will be permanently stored in your online account and can be accessed for your next renewal at half price.

Are there any discounts for CEU’s? 

We offer huge (50%) discounts to repeat customers. 


When your renewal rolls around, you can use your course materials for half price.  After your initial purchase of any course/bundle, you can retake it & receive a brand spankin' new certificate year after year!  When you login to your online account, you will notice that prices are automatically reduced (50%) after your initial purchase (so re-taking a course is a breeze)!


How do you recommend I take the course; live, digital workbook, or podcast?

It’s up to you & what suits you best!


Live trainings/Webinars-Of course-there is nothing like a live Project Solutions Training!  Project Solutions has become known for their unique, humorous, highly entertaining live trainings and CEU workshops. But, we can only do so many live trainings/webinars per year—and at limited locations.


Digital Trainings-Due to the popularity of our live trainings and limited event dates, we have taken our popular live training topics and made them more widely available via online courses. 


Digital Workbooks-enjoy reading one of our digital workbooks (anywhere/on any devise) or for those of you who still like a book in your hand--print it out.


Podcasts-our most flexible training format allows you to listen almost anywhere (at your desk, in your car, on the treadmill, etc.) on almost any device (computer, ipod, etc.).  


How do I get my CEU completion certificate? What if I am close to my deadline and need my CEU certificate right away?

Don’t panic. Completion certificates are available for immediate download (after passing the test-of course!).

How do I pay for my continuing education course?

First, you must register for a CEU User Account. After you register, you will be directed to choose your product and pay online using paypal or any major credit card.  

However, you can also mail your payment (money order) if necessary—call 330-705-6989 for more information.


What score do I need on the test to pass?

A score of at least 60% is required to pass the test.


What if I fail the test?

First, let me say “Relax”.  Tests are easy to take and the questions are taken directly from the course material.  If you happen to fail the test, you can retake it as many times as it takes to get that magical certificates.  Call us at 330-705-6889; A $10 retake fee applies.


How long do I have to complete my course?

Generally 1 year.  If you need additional time, contact our office.


Are the courses approved by my board?



If you have further concerns contact our office

330-705-6989 or check with your individual board to see whether a specific course will apply.



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