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Community & Corporate Trainings

Project Solutions Trainings are powerful, innovative, and cost-effective presentations that cover some of life's most important topics. Project Solutions affords your organization the opportunity to choose any combination of topics for your training experience. These are not just informative and interesting, better yet, they are also presented in a way that captures the attention of the audience and keeps them interested and entertained until the end. Our seminars remain unique and unduplicated while presenting information that can truly be life-changing.


  • We offer community and corporate trainings from 1 hour to a full day

  • We customize curriculums to fit the needs of the audience

  • All trainings are presented by our professional staff and include handouts for all attendees

Common Topics

The Secret to Happiness

Everyone is on a quest to discover more happiness; friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc.  And yet, few people know how to get there.​


This course is a no frills, comprehensive guide to happiness. Not the kind of fleeting happiness that comes with a joyful event [you get a new bike for Christmas, score a touchdown, etc.]. This book is about living an elevated life. A higher consciousness. A soulful awakening, where happiness and fulfillment are mainstays.

Drug Proofing Our Children

Drugs are everywhere and the pressure to experiment with substances often happens earlier than you think.  Get practical tips to drug-proof your kids at any age.

What Really Happens in the Counselors Office

Curious about what earth shattering, spirit-cleansing, monumental event has to take place in the therapist’s office in order for someone to go from "rock bottom" to happy and fulfilled?  If you’ve ever pondered this question, you are not alone. Perhaps you've known someone who benefitted from counseling, or maybe you were deciding if counseling would be right for you. This training will attempt to answer many of these questions and demystify the therapeutic process.

You are Made of Magic:

The Comprehensive Guide to Manifesting the Life You Have Dreamed of

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about “living your best life”, law of attraction, meditation, hypnosis, visualizations, the power of mantras, living a yogic lifestyle, etc. This course has done the hard work for you, by cherry picking from the best modalities and rolling it all in to one simple course.  The art of manifesting takes time and commitment, but when executed properly, pure magic will unfold in your life!    

It's a Short Trip to Rock Bottom

What is addiction?  How do you know if you or someone you know is an addict?  Better yet, how do you prevent a substance abuse problem?  This course will help you to understand the complex nature of addiction, provide practical tips for prevention, and give you the knowledge to recognize sign/symptoms that require intervention.  

The Committed Parent:

A Practical Guide for Raising "Great People"

As parents, our ultimate goal is to raise “great people”.  And as you know, there will be challenges along the way; from tantrums, grades, and self-esteem; to peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, and sex.  Parenting isn’t easy, but when done properly, it will bring you indescribable and boundless joy.  This course provides a practical guide for

  • Laying a fail-proof framework during the formative years

  • Navigating the teenage years

  • Building unwavering relationships with your children that will last a lifetime   

To learn about more topics call (330) 705 - 6989

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